Occupational Safety

We comply with the occupational safety and health law in force in order to ensure a safe work environment to our clients’ employees through the following services:

  • Risk assessment for each workstation in the Client's Company;

  • Elaboration and update of prevention and protection plan;

  • Elaboration of specific guidelines considering the particularities of each activity;

  • Elaboration of a mandatory documentation meant to inform and train;

  • Elaboration of a training program, as well as setting the regularity of these occupational safety and health trainings intended for the staff;

  • Identificarea factorilor de risc;

  • Instruirea și informarea lucrătorilor în domeniul securității și sănătății în muncă;

  • Identifying the levels of risk;

  • Training staff in occupational safety and health legislation;

  • Setting the training regularity associated to each workstation;

  • Testing the understanding and putting into practice of the measures mentioned in the prevention and protection plan;

  • Setting up of the occupational safety and health committee;

  • Recording the specific and high risk areas;

  • Deciding on the areas that need occupational safety and health signalling;

  • Recording the jobs that need specific approval according to the law in force;

  • Recording the jobs that need extra medical check-ups;

  • Implementation of the regulation regarding the necessity of providing the staff with protective equipment (if needed);

  • Identifying the personal protective equipment needed for each job;

  • Supervising that the measures proposed by the work inspectors are being properly implemented;

  • Collaboration with the appointed workers and/or the workers’ representatives, the in-house occupational safety and health structures, as well as with the occupational medicine doctor to make sure that the prevention and protection measures are being properly implemented;

  • Elaboration of an action plan in case of serious and imminent danger;

  • Conducting compliance audits accompanied by a written report for the employer on the identified weaknesses, as well as on the measures proposed to make improvements;

  • Conducting reports on work accidents;

  • Elaborating the documentation necessary for an enterprise to become certified in terms of occupational safety and health;

  • Ensuring that a representative is present in case of a check-up conducted by the competent authorities on the beneficiary’s headquarters;

  • Ensuring that a representative is present on the beneficiary’s headquarters or on other places of business anytime they are needed.



Temporary or Mobile Construction Sites Coordination

As for the construction sites, our occupational safety and health activity is governed by the provisions of Government Decision no. 300/2006 as it follows:

  • Elaborating and constantly updating the occupational health and safety general plan of the construction site;

  • Elaborating and updating the Coordination Ledger;

  • Checking and approving the specific occupational safety and health plan before starting working on the construction site;

  • Supervising the implementation of the specific occupational safety and health plan on the construction site;

  • Elaborating the intervention register in accordance with the construction site particularities;

  • Regularly training the workers;

  • Organizing the coordination among the project engineers;

  • Taking part in meetings with the beneficiary and/or the project manager.