Occupational Medicine

The occupational medicine check-up is a preventive healthcare service which is to be done on employment, annually and when coming back to work after a long absence.

Occupational medicine is that branch of medicine which deals with the prevention and diagnosis of professional diseases having direct consequences on the employees’ productivity. Thus, there are several medical check-ups that are mandatory: on employment, the regular medical examinations (twice a year, annually) or on resuming work after a break of minimum 90 days, either for medical reasons, or for any other reason (Art. 23, Government Decision 355/2007).

The legal framework that regulates the necessity of undergoing these medical examinations includes Law 319/2006, GD 1425/2006, GD 355/2007 and the non-observance of these provisions may carry a fine from 4000 to 8000 RON.