Electrical wiring checks

Regular electrical wiring checks prevent the equipment from becoming damaged with use and the electrical circuits from corrosion or excessive overheat.

PRAM is a check of the electrical wiring earthing system, as well as of the electrical junctions and lightning conductors in order to ensure a safe electrical wiring in the workplace.

A safe electrical wiring in the workplace means:

  • Preventing the risk of electric shocks of the staff using the electrical installation and the work equipment;

  • Preventing fires in buildings;

  • Preventing electrical appliances from getting damaged.

The PRAM check must be conducted regularly by a qualified technician, be it a natural or a legal person, authorised ANRE type 1 (under the Law of Electricity No. 13 /2007) in order to get a certificate attesting the state of the sockets from that particular place of business (PRAM certificate).

This check is mandatory under the Government Decision No. 1146/2006 and non-observance in this respect would entail fines of 5000 – 10 000 RON (Law 319/2006 on Work Safety and Health).