Occupational safety and fire prevention quality services conceived for companies from Bucharest and from all over the country.

SSM CALITRAD SOLUTION is an outsourcing company certified to provide occupational health and safety, as well as fire prevention services, in compliance with the law in force.

Planning a strategy for health and safety at work, as well as for fire safety and prevention is compulsory in accordance with the Law nr. 319/2006, Directive nr. 1425/2006, Law nr. 307/2006, Law 481/2004 and Directive 163/2007. In this respect, we implement, maintain and continuously improve our management system so as to make sure that the beneficiaries of our services are always compliant with the law. Nonobservance in this case would entail a fine of 1.000 – 20.000 RON (in accordance with Law Nr. 319/2006, Law Nr. 537/2007, Law Nr. 53/2003, Directive 857/2011).


  • Provides occupational health and safety services
  • Provides fire safety and prevention services;
  • Assesses professional risks;
  • Assists the Client with official audits;
  • Conducts regular audits of compliance;
  • Facilitates occupational medicine check-up;
  • Facilitates the electrical wiring checks